Ruth Bell Graham quotes, Part 1

I just finished reading A Time for Remembering: The Story of Ruth Bell Graham. The copy I read was given to my grandma by my mom on Mother's Day, 1984. Grandma has since gone to heaven, but when I asked mom if she had any biographies of Ruth Graham, she found this one on Grandma's shelves, a bookmark tucked between the pages of this passage:
As a wife, Ruth was no longer the young bride whose feelings were easily hurt. She had learned to laugh at almost everything, as illustrated by this example of how she dealt with Billy's chronic preoccupation:
One day the Grahams were expecting guests for dinner and Ruth asked Billy, "What would you like to have on the menu?"
"Uh-huh," came the reply.
Deciding to have some fun, Ruth began rattling off a rather unusual bill of fare.
"I thought we'd start off with tadpole soup," she began.
"Uh-huh," he replied.
"And there is some lovely poison ivy growing in the next cove which would make a delightful salad."
"For the main dish, I could try roasting some of those wharf rats we've been seeing around the smokehouse lately, and serve them with boiled crabgrass and baked birdseed."
"And for dessert we could have a mud souffle and..." her voice trailed off as his eyes finally focused.
"What were you saying about wharf rats?" he asked.

This made me smile, not just because of the Ruth-and-Billy moment, but because I can well imagine why this would have tickled my grandma so much. I am sure my grandpa had that very same problem of being attentive, and I wonder if grandma marked it to read aloud to grandpa one evening, or if she just kept the humor all to herself.

One of the things I do when I read books is that I make notes of pages numbers or write whole excerpts into my journal as I read. I never highlight or mark the pages of a book, as some do. But what I want to remember, or revisit, I make note of.

There are quite a few page numbers and notes jotted down in my journal after reading this book, so I thought I'd share them here on the blog, as well. (Stay tuned for Part 2, with more Ruth Graham quotes!)


  1. I have an old ruth bell graham book that I got fro my great aunt. I love ruth bell graham and her timeless wisdom.

  2. I read this one too (we DO read a lot of the same books) :) Loved it.


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