Wise words from another mother

I love the most recent post up by Elizabeth Foss, called How do you do what you do?. It's packed full of wisdom, and I think you should head right over there to read it!

Some of my favorite things in this post?

  • {this quote} "Generally, I have a grounded sense of why I'm here. I live to love my God and my family. I'm not easily distracted by what's going on 'out there.'"

  • Her thoughts on their non-negotiables, such as naptimes, meal times, and going-to-bed times (same here!)

  • {this quote} "I am no longer afraid to say 'no' in order to preserve order and maintain sanity. I am quite content with my community of eleven at home and in my heart. My focus is on them."

Or how about this one?

I'm a hands-on mom. I love to hold my children or to sit next to them and read aloud. Talking to them about big ideas or little mysteries is a happy thing. I'm fond of books and truly enjoy sharing them with the loves of my life. We are all blessed because I genuinely love education. When I face homeschooling, it's not with a sense of dread or duty. I truly delight in it (most days). That's such a blessing and I know it! I'm very grateful for the gift of that joy.

Love it!

Have a wonderful Thursday, dear readers!


  1. I loved, loved, loved it too, and linked it on Facebook right after I read last night.

  2. thanks for this. reminds me of why I'm doing this thing called mothering & wifing (my word).

    Also, love the new layout. I especially like the side column titled "with joy" and then all the items you have joy about:)

    If you could, could you send me an email about how much this ran you?


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