My ambitious son

One of the things I asked Isaac to do for school today was to find three objects in the kitchen and do word building with our wooden alphabet letters. The examples I gave him earlier this morning were "pen" and "cup".

When I walked over to the table to check in on him, these are the letters he had on the table:

b u d r n u t s q w

I was trying to decipher if he was working on all three words in the above selection of letters, so I asked him what his words were.

First word? butternut squash. Ah, yes.... that simple word. So very similar to those examples I suggested.

The next word he chose was toothpicks.

He's working on word three now. Can't wait to see what he'll come up with!

* * *

In other news, Audra has recently discovered crayons. She loves to color with them. Everywhere. This morning so far she's colored on the dry erase board, the table, the floor, in Isaac's school book, on Isaac's wooden alphabet letters, and in two books. (In addition to the myriad of places I have not yet stumbled upon, I am sure.) Fortunately for her, she is very, very cute and is always very "sowwy".

How is your school day going?


  1. I can totally hear her little "sowwy" looking up at you with those cute eyes. Hard to correct that! :)

  2. I have been sweetly "stalking" your lovely blog and enjoying your posts. Thank you for sharing your life.
    I love what your son is doing with his word studies, he certainly isn't going the easy route. Cheers for him!
    Your children are so precious!
    Here is wishing you many blessings on your school day. We homeschool also and our school days are being redefined by our sweet new addition. Warmly, LeAnn

  3. We have a budding 'wall artist' too! The Big Kids spent a recent Saturday afternoon erasing one of his 'drawings' from the dining room wall!

    I love how you 'simply' homeschool. And my Connor would so try to spell butternut squash too!


  4. "b u d r n u t s q w" is one of the cutest things I've seen today. Hope you gave him a big hug.

    We're really just getting started with school around here; one pre-K girl and a preschoolin' little man are dabbling in phonics/alphabet, playing with numbers, and a few other this-and-thats. I try to keep it short and sweet... And I'm so thankful for all of the ideas you share here!

  5. 2/4 children here are sick. The other two are stir crazy. Dry erase markers on fabric couch, anyone?

  6. Way to go, Isaac! That over-achieving attitude will serve you well in years to come! ;)

    Oh, Audra. You and Gideon need to have a conversation. He likes to draw on our chalkboard with a pencil, and he, too, is always very sowwy and quietly mumbles, Yes, Mama, which is, of course, a promise never to do it again. Till tomorrow.

    Well, today is Daddy's day off and all of my efforts to show him all we've learned and have him be so proud of our focus and schedule went out the window with a crabby almost-two-year-old whose allergic reaction to something on his bottom made him so fitful and he cried and screamed and {drew with a pencil on the chalkboard} and cried some more and wouldn't sit still during Grove Tending and...

    But we still accomplished much, and hey, it was pretty near normal anyway, so what Daddy got to see was really the "real". :)

    Thanks for sharing, sweet Stace!

  7. That butternut squash spelling is too cute! I love watching kids sound out words. :) And I can so very relate to the crayon-loving littlest daughter. :)

    So far for school today we worked on autumn acrostic poems while listening to Tchaikovsky. After lunch we'll read some fall books and poetry as well as a few chapters of Paddle to the Sea, and maybe do some artwork to coincide with our new poems. Good days, these are!

  8. Teri~
    I know. She's pretty irresistible, my girl. :)

    Well, thank you for leaving a comment this time! (I do love comments!) I peeked in at your blog earlier and will be back for a longer visit soon! :)

    *grin* about your little artist, and uh-oh about the dining room wall.

    Blessings to you and yours, too, Kathi!

    It was rather cute!

    And~ keeping it short and sweet is just what we like around here, too! Your school time sounds delightful! :)

    Oh, Annie~
    I'm so sorry. :( I'm saying a prayer for you right *now*!

    I think Audra and Gideon would be good pals! Aren't they too sweet, though? Audra, too~ just kept saying "sowwy Mama" and was so sweet and dear, and truly is well intentioned, too~ until the next time she spies a crayon!

    I'm proud of you for even attempting school when Daddy's home. We can never quite manage that. Somehow it always becomes a vacation day. :) Poor little G's bum! I'll pray that gets better VERY soon~ for his sake and for all of yours! :)

    Your littlest daughter? Adorable! (I was eyeing her in your Facebook pics yesterday. She is really too cute for words, Jodi.)

    Aren't you fun? Autumn acrostic poems! We are SO going to have to do that!!! [We love Paddle to the Sea!]

    I loved hearing about your days, ladies! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. So sweet!! Love hearing about others school days! We had a science day today!- picking apples at the apple orchard and getting lost in a corn maze at the pumpkin patch :) My little girl, Audrey, has recently found crayons too! Her beautiful black crayon scribbles on our rug will surely remind me of these sweet days in the future *since I have not been able to get it all out yet* :)



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