Birthday letter to Audra: two!

My sweet Audra,

Happy two years old to you! You are pure delight, my dear girl.

Let's see... what do you love right now?

You love your baby and make-believe and chocolate and cuddles and your sisters and your brothers and playing silly games with your daddy (like his finger being a worm that peeks up around the blankets) and dancing and dresses and books ("You read *this one*, mommy?").

You love singing and dollhouse and forts Isaias has made for you and pulling daddy's CDs off the shelf and outside and "Dee-ya" (Adelia) and playing with your food like Isaac always has and the chickens and birdies and KITTIES (oh, you love kitties!) and doggies and basically, anything that moves outside, and mama's bed and "Baa-ma's house" (Grandma) and Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace and Who's My Pretty Baby? and "Songs, Ella, more songs!" (at bedtime when you'd like your big sister to sing you to sleep).

You love Isaac being your buddy and swinging and Elmo and Maisy and nursing and coloring and helping mommy in the kitchen by using the mixer and getting all wet washing dishes and being tickled under your chin and your friend 'Gitu and- did I mention dresses?- and treats and getting all ready to go somewhere, anywhere~ shoes, coat: "I'm ready!"

You are such a good talker, Audra. You say so many things and say them so well. And you have the cutest little voice and expression. :)

You are full of snuggles and affection and tell everyone in this house, every single day: "I yuv you so much!" with your arms tightly squeezed around us.

You stand at the top of the stairs and boss your brothers around, and love it: "Boys! Come u--uup. Time to e--eaaat!"

I love it that when I'm cleaning you up after meals with a wet washcloth~ your fingers and then your face~ you frequently say: "My feets! My feets!" because you want me to wipe your feet, too- just for the pure delight of being tickled. (And sometimes, too~ "My yegs! My yegs!")

You are just adorable and delightful and your middle name "Joy" suits you so well. You bring so much of that into our home.

Happy birthday, dear girl!

Your mama


  1. I got a little misty-eyed just reading this - did you write it without a tear? :) What an adorable little girl. Happy Happy Birthday to Audra!!

  2. Nope. I won't. I can't do it. I absolutely refuse to believe that she is TWO!!! How can this be?

    It is such a vivid memory, that post of your precious little ones holding up the words our Mommy is pregnant! (or something to that wonderful effect!)

    Stacy, the loving, joyful circle you and Mark have been graced to create around your children is truly a delight to behold! I am so blessed by your sweet letter to sweet Audra; I'm laughing through tears at her lisp and how she wants you to wipe her feet, too, after meals!!! I love her from all the way over here.

    Happy birthday, you dear, marvelous, precious gift, Audra.

    Love you, Stace. xo

  3. Great, great letter. You captured her so well. She truly is our joy -- oh what a sweet delight she is. I love her so ... and I love you, Stacy, all the more because you gave me this sweet girl and you are loving her and raising her, daily guiding her and encouraging her.

    - Mark

  4. Teri~
    Awww...thanks! She *is* adorable. Thank you for the birthday-wishes!

    Dear Elise~
    I know it. Isn't it crazy how fast that went?! I was looking at that picture just the other day... and remembering what a fun announcement that was to make! :) God is so faithful!
    Thank you for your kind words, friend. I love you, too!

    Mark, my love~
    How I love it that you typed in "Audra's Daddy"! Thank you for being such a faithful husband and daddy, Mark. I love you.



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