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Dear readers,

A couple blog-details:

1. I had some time today to respond to your recent comments. [Thank you to those of you who do so... I appreciate each comment!] I really try to be faithful in replying back to you in the comments section, because I truly love "chatting" with you that way, but I have neglected to do so on recent posts... until today!

So... if you remember commenting on any of the following five posts, you can click on the link below and my reply to you will show up in the comments section:

Birthday Letter to Adelia: three!

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Grateful: Monday, March 7

Something I love today:

Two years ago today...

2. Also, I'm curious to know how many of you read through a reader versus through a link from Facebook? Is it helpful to anyone to have me linking here from Facebook? (I've only recently been linking via Facebook, but if it's not necessary, it's one less step for me!) I'd appreciate your thoughts on this!

Thanks for taking the time to read here today!

Hope you've had a wonderful day!



  1. I access through a reader but almost always go directly cause I comment often.

    I never really thought of linking through facebook but wait, I'd have to actually post something on my blog to make it worth while :o)

  2. Stacy-

    I suppose that I'm waaay old-fashioned, but I follow you, and stop by when I see you've posted something from my Blogger dashboard.

    Facebook?! I'd love to have a few more 'encouraging, like-minded' friends...I may have to hunt you down!


    I try to stay up on replying to comments...but it's just so hard and time consuming for me (I'm a slow blogger)...but my intentions are never to leave anyone out. Sigh.

    Happy almost Tuesday, yay!

  3. Hi Stacy! So fun to see you today.

    I use a reader for most of my blogs...but I also post on Facebook because I know there are people there who just use that.

    If you go to you can register there (it's a Facebook app) then link to your FB and it will automatically post your blog to Facebook whenever you publish it. No extra steps for you (other than signing up and getting it set up).

  4. I read in a reader, so don't usually click over to your blog. I always appreciate it when people link on facebook, although with you I have you on my reader so it's not necessary. :>

  5. I read thru Google Reader (if that helps).

  6. Hi Stacy! I use a reader, but also post to FB because I have some family and friends who are not bloggy folks, so it makes it easier for them to see when I add a new post.

  7. I don't use a reader. I stop by every couple of days and whenever you link to your post on FB. I love visiting you here and wish that I could visit with you in real life more often!
    -rebecca m

  8. Sandi~ and I love it that you comment often! :)

    Kathi~ I'll try to find ya on FB!

    Teri~ It was SO fun to see cute you (and Eli) today! (I saw Hannah, too, in the hallway, but you weren't next to her and I didn't want to overwhelm her or freak her out or anything by trying to explain who I was and yes, I know your mommy! ;))

    Um, and thank you for the Networkedblogs tip. I had no idea. I am SO not technically-savvy.

    Rebeca, NeedaNap, and Debbie~ Your input is helpful; thank you! :)

    Rebecca~ Likewise on the "visit with you in real life more often"! I would love that, too!

    Blessings to all of you,

  9. I read through Google as well... and don't comment as much as I'd like to these days! But I still SO enjoy your little web space and all of your heart-sharings!

  10. Cara~
    Thank you for your sweet words. :)
    Blessings to you!

  11. Stacy -

    Brian and I share a FB page (BrianandKathi Bailey)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better :)


  12. I use NetworkedBlogs on Facebook, too. I never used to link my blog through there because it just meant something else I had to do and I don't need that! But with this, it posts automatically on my Facebook page whenever I post on my blog.

    As far as your blog, I have you saved in my favorites and just stop by occasionally.

  13. I have you saved to my favorites! I love your encouraging words and thoughts! Would love to be friends with you on facebook too! I believe its under Kara Tomb!

  14. I am a faithful reader but complete stranger to you, although a fellow sister in the Lord with you. I read because you write so well but also because you inspire me to be a better mommy, wife and Christian. God has blessed us with just two kids but must have known that was all I needed although I would love to adopt and homeschool like you have done. I am blessed! Thank you for sharing and I'm so glad I came across your blog. God bless you and your sweet family!


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