Two years ago today...

...this was us. (Audra is tucked into the Moby wrap, sleeping, and I'm feeding Adelia (my other baby!) her bottle.) Those were crazy days!


  1. And the fact that your still reading aloud to your kiddos.....amazing!

  2. I miss those days...having all the kids on the sofa or bed with me reading books or watching a movie. So glad you are enjoying every minute of being a mommy. They truly do grow up so fast. Seems like just yesterday when I was home with my 4 homeschooling and enjoying my "baby" is almost in high school, and the other 3 have so many other things they are off doing. Enjoy your days with them. There is truly no sweeter time in life than this :)

  3. Sandi~ Oh, thanks. It's what I love to do! :)

    Katie~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I seriously LOVE hearing from mothers with older kids... who say to enjoy it and that it goes by fast. It helps me to savor the season I'm in! :)

    SO crazy and SO MUCH fun! :)



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