Honoring daddy

This morning we decided to take our theme verse* and run with it.

Our verse is:
Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.
I told the kids that we were going to choose one person today and we would all think of one thing to do to honor that person. We chose daddy, and each of the kids listed off what they were going to do to bless daddy today.

Ella is going to make a card for him. She's going to draw birds and write I love you on the card.

is going to rub daddy's feet when he comes home from work. He also wants to scratch his back and tell him he loves him.

Isaias is going to greet him when he comes home with a hug and ask him how his day is going, and then snuggle with him.

They came up with those ideas on their own, and I helped Adelia by suggesting that she could either:
a) go potty in the toilet because daddy would be SO blessed by that (he truly would) or
b) be a cheerful obey-er today when daddy asks her to do something, to say, "Okay, daddy!" and run off to do it right away.

She of course agreed to do both, but she may need some reminders.

Mark stopped in for coffee a few minutes ago and the kids all flocked to the door to give hugs and kisses and ask him how he is and tell him how much they love him. It was very sweet. They are usually very loving but they were definitely doling it out *extra* today. :)

Next week we'll choose someone else. :)

{this photo is from another day when Ella honored us by surprising us
with sweet notes on our pillows!
Mark's note says: "Daddy, I love you. Your handsome and your fun."
Mine says: "Mommy, I love you. Your beautiful and your cute."}

*You can read more about our theme verse here.


  1. O how special! What wonderful ways to honor Daddy, and great lessons for the children!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Ella was so sweet to write you two those notes!! I hope Mark enjoys "his" day. :)

  3. So sweet. What a great idea!

    And thanks again for breakfast :o) I had such a great time! Hopefully will post pictures soon.

  4. oh, can you believe I ran into that same family who took the pics at the grocery store...too funny!

  5. Thanks for choosing to honor me today. The kids came through with flying colors, telling me numerous times how much they loved me. It threw me a little how persistent and effusive their words of love were. At one point I wondered if they'd somehow gotten mixed up and thought it was Father's Day or something.

    So, thanks again. I love this idea, and can't wait until it's your day (and each of their days.) Do let me in on it, so I can go all out for them as well.

    Loving you,

  6. Your blog always gives me such good ideas! This is very sweet.

  7. Beverly,
    Thanks, Bev.

    I know. Isn't Ella such a dear? I love that girl. :)

    Yeah. My pictures are still hiding out on my camera! ;) And that's so funny about that family! :)

    I love it that you thought they might be confused about when Father's Day was. :) Good.

    Aww... thank you for saying so! :)

    Have a wonderful day, all!


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