Big truths

For our family devotions, we are reading through Big Truths for Little Kids, by Susan & Richie Hunt. (Susan Hunt authored another of my favorite family devotionals for preschoolers: ABC Bible Verses.) We have loved these books!

Last night's story told of a little girl, Cassie, who was going to bring one of her worn, well-loved teddy bears to a tea party. She was afraid her friends might make fun of her bear and didn't want her bear's feelings to be hurt. Cassie's mama took the opportunity to tell her that her teddy bear didn't have feelings. God created people to have spirits within them, not animals and toys.

After reading the story to our little listeners, we reviewed by using the questions the book provides at the end of each story. I happened to be reading that night, as daddy was still eating, so I asked them, "How are we different from animals?" They were quiet and thoughtful, so I thought I'd help out a bit: "Like how are you different than Missy [one of our chickens]?"

Ella said promptly: "Oh! They peep and I talk."

Mark and I, smiling: "Right! But what is it that God put inside of you that Missy doesn't have?"

Ella then said, "Missy doesn't have a spirit."

Right. A few minutes later, she closed our devotion time with this prayer:

Dear Jesus,
I thank you that, um... we talked about Bible verses. I thank You that You made us different than animals. They don't have spirits and they have fur and they peep. And I don't want to be like them, I want to be like You.


  1. That is precious!
    Thanks for checking in on me. I'm doing fine- things have just ben very busy around here. Lots of outside work in the garden and I've been working on my husband's coffee website, so most of my computer time has been going there. Once allergy season hits I shall be inside more, and maybe get back to blogging! I did post our last two weeks of letter fun this morning. We're on to X next week!
    Bless you!

  2. I want to have heart of a child! It is so simple and so honest! yes i want to be like Him

  3. We adore this book too. Very sweet stories and applicable too. It helps with memorizing the catechism too.

    Love E's precious.

  4. Boy I was "too" happy in that last post. :o)

  5. Her prayer chokes me up!Amazing.
    Oh thank you for knowing what hottie ment. I really should go back and clarify, just in case.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Hi Stacy!
    That has got to be one of the most adorable prayers I have ever read! How cute. Your house sounds like a fun place!
    I loved your ideas a few posts ago where you mentioned listing the good things about a troublesome child. I need to do that. I have one that has been quite difficult for a very long time. I feel as though I have a running list of all that is going wrong. I'm going to try the plan you described.
    Oh, I don't know if I ever told you where the sheets for the closet thing I posted on my blog came from...good old Wal-mart. They are twin size flat sheets, the cheapest brand.
    Take care,


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