For those of you who have prayed with us for some forward movement on our current adoption, a HUGE thank you! God hears and has answered.

We received a call yesterday from our caseworker, who wanted to schedule our first homestudy visit (finally!) She said, "I know this is probably a long shot, but I will be up in your area tomorrow, so...." I of course said, "Tell me what time and we'll make it work!" So... our first homestudy visit will occur today at 1pm.

Thanking you again for your prayers...


  1. Oh, that is good news! I pray that you will have peace as you prepare for this, and that you will find favor with the caseworker. Many blessings as you prepare to open your hearts and home to a new blessing!

  2. I am so happy for you! Let us know how it goes.

  3. Yipppeeeeeee! Finally! So...how did it go? I remember your description of your prior home study experience. =)
    Glad things are moving!



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