Stretch marks

I scar very easily. My skin is a bit olive in its tone, so if I cut myself shaving or get a scratch, I cringe a bit because I know that that particular mark is there to stay.

When I got pregnant, new marks appeared on my skin. Stretch marks. As I carried Ella, the skin over my hips stretched and expanded and I ended up with two large purplish marks on each hip.

And then Isaac came along and stretched my skin in every other place. I now have maybe a dozen on my tummy, splayed upwards like little rivers. I have them on my inner thighs and on my outer thighs. One day as my delivery date neared, I stretched out my legs and was absolutely horrified to spot tiny stretch marks forming on my calves. Yes, I did say calves. I ask you, who on earth gets stretch marks on their calves?! That would be me.

I was insecure about those marks on my body after I had Ella, but after the birth of Isaac? Oh, how I hated those stretch marks. I felt so ugly with those wavy scars all over my body.

I have the most affirming husband in the world and he could truly care less if I have stretch marks. I've always wished I could be so carefree about them. What I have done is come to a sort of begrudging acceptance of them.

This morning in the shower, I took note of them again. For the first time ever I actually looked at them with tender affection. These marks are reminders to me that this body of mine carried babies. They remind me that God answered years of prayers and saw our tears of anguish and allowed me the gift of carrying not one, but two children in my womb. The growth and expanding of my body to make room for my children left these marks, and I stood in thankfulness for them. I may never be pregnant again. And if not, I know that for the rest of my years, I can see the marks on my hips and remember that the weight of my baby girl pulled those marks into place. I can look at this tummy and see these marks splayed out and remember that my chubby boy was growing behind those marks.

And as I stood in the shower and whispered a prayer of gratitude for these visible reminders, I thought of this, too: in my relationship with God, as I grow and expand in love for Him, I hope and pray that "stretch marks" will be formed in me. They won't resemble the ones that are impressed into my skin, but as I read and study His word, as my faith deepens, as I rest in His gift of grace, as I am challenged by sometimes difficult lessons, and as I love more deeply; may all of this stretching leave a visible mark in me.


  1. Good, good stuff, Stacy! I love how you illustrated spiritual growth with stretch marks. Excellent observations.


  2. Stretch mom had them, I have them, it's a wonderful legacy we leave to our daughters. And my prayer is that my daughters would be blessed to have children of their own one day and so, get some visible reminders of a time when they carried a baby in their womb.

    I won't look at my stretch marks the same anymore. Thanks for the sweet reminder, Stacy.

  3. Good thoughts Stacy! Hooray for stretch marks, and the babies that gave them to us.
    Bless you,

  4. Hmmm- should I pray for some?


  5. I'm so tickled that you are thankful for your stretch marks. The only thing they have been to me is a reminder of the fact that you carried our children, and for that I am immensely grateful (because there's no way I would even entertain the idea).

    Love you!

  6. I am smiling, because of the sweet note your hubby left you...and also because it's right along the lines of what I was going to comment on. I heard a story about a married couple, the woman (after the birth of her babies inevitably had stretch marks). She hated them and would try to hide them from her husband while getting dressed or undressed. He took notice of what was going on and immediately told her that he loved the way her body looked, including the stretch marks because it was evidence of their beautiful babies she had brought into the world. I thought this was the sweetest thing ever! It sounds like your hubby is equally so!

  7. Seriously, girl...who else could write such an encouraging/
    inspirational post about STRETCH MARKS!!??!!! What an awesome reminder, too, of how we can CHOOSE to see our "flaws" as just that...or as marks of our always-perfect creator.

    Now...could you give me an encouraging word about all these grey hairs that are emerging on my head?????

  8. This was beautiful. Thank you for helping me see things my stretch marks in a new light.. God's light. Awesome!

  9. You make me smile. And cry. And be very, very thankful. Thank you, Stacy.
    Stretch marks. Soul marks. Come Lord, dwell within... and stretch us into Your image.
    I send love.. and gratitude.
    All's grace,

  10. I carry those marks too (yes, a couple of wee ones on my calves as well!)...good reminder, Stacy. We choose to see life or we choose to grow bitter.


  11. This was absolutely beautiful ... as was the comment your husband left you.

    I didn't get stretch marks with Selena, don't worry, I'm sure my time is coming :-) but I have other "imperfections" that happened as my body stretched and grew. I tend to feel insecure about them at times, and I will remember your post when I feel that way. What a glorious and miraculous process God allowed us to be a part of!!


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