Our home study visit

Yesterday was the first of our home study visits, and it went great. It was very low-key. We sat in the living room with the two caseworkers, munching on snickerdoodles and chatting about adoption (our motivation to adopt, what our preferences are for age/race/gender, how open we are to special needs/drug-affected babies, etc). And then we wrapped it all up with a tour of our home, Ella and Isaac leading the way, showing the ladies all of the things they wanted to highlight (and most especially, their bunk beds and the chickens!)

Our caseworker also scheduled our next appointments, and they are all for NEXT WEEK! On Wednesday they will do our individual interviews to cover family history(first with Mark and then with me), and on Friday they are coming back to do the *final* visit. It sounds like they will write up our home study within the next 2-3 weeks. WOO HOO!!!

What's next? We need to work on a cultural plan, as we are open to a transracial adoption. After the home study is complete, we will begin the process of getting licensed for foster care, which is a process that will take 1-3 months (or so they say).

And in addition to all of that, we continue to pray! We're praying for this child or sibling group that God has prepared for our family, for the birth family, for the caseworkers involved, and for discernment on our part when they begin calling us with possible placements.


  1. Praying, praying, praying with you dear friend! Will email you soon....


  2. Stacy,
    So glad it went so well (and quickly!)

  3. Hi Honey!

    Glad it went well, jealous that they got to have snickerdoodles with you and not me! ;-) Sounds like it was a wonderful visit!

    I am praying for you and can't wait to hear all about it!

    When they called us (our first time around with foster-adoptive care...) we did say no 5 times before we said yes. We would pray and the Lord would say "No." I would cry...he said that I wasn't the only one he had doing this...then our sweet Tia came, ah, the perfect fit!

    Praying and believing!


  4. Hello Stacy,
    I am glad to read that the HomeStudy went well. My hubby and I are Foster to Adopt parents too. I can remember the waiting for the home visit and then all the training classes and finally the last home inspection. It was nerve racking because I wanted to be a mother so bad and since we could not have our own children I didn't think it would ever happen. We had been waiting 3 years with an adoption agency through our church with no luck. Just after 30 days of having our licence we got our first call (and last call) about a baby boy who was 10 days old and still in the hospital. I did not hesitate to take him. The momement I met him I "Knew" him. He was my Son! 20 months of dealing with case workers and birthparents who were not doing their drug testing ect...we finally were able to adopt our son and make it offical. It was a difficult and long journey but I am so glad that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ pointed us in the direction to concider becoming Foster Parents. I would never change a thing about how we got our son and the journey my husband and I took to get there.

    I pray for you and your family that thigs will continue to go smoothly, and that you enjoy the process how ever things turn out. Just know....that Heavenly Father is using you to help some very special child or children whom you and your family will care for. That is the best gift you can ever give to them. And hopefully they will end up being a perminate part of your wonderful family!


  5. I am feeling a thrill of excitement for you!! This sounds so, so good. I'll be praying!!!

  6. Wow Stacy! That is great. I imagine that is a little scary. Sounds like it went well.
    Hope the next weeks and months are good too.


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