It has been a busy week around here. We've had a lot of evening commitments-- which is unusual for us; we are generally home in the evenings. Mark's day off was on Wednesday of this week, which throws our routine a bit, too. We spent that day working outside on the chicken's yard. It is now netted and chicken-wired and supposedly safe from predators. Now if they would just go out. Yesterday was a sunny day so I opened up their door in the morning and they all just stood around looking bewildered. Not once yesterday did they meander outside. ???

The bigger news at our house this week: (but a little history, first)...
A couple weeks ago we were at the bank and the teller handed the kids some coloring pages for a coloring contest. They had no idea what one was; but happily colored their pages and turned them in. Ella received a call from the bank Monday morning telling her that she had won; could she come and pick up her prize? I asked Ella that day, "What do you think the prize might be?" She figured it was lollipops or stickers (which is what we usually get at the bank when we go). We swung by the bank that afternoon, and Mark took Ella in to pick up her prize while I waited in the van with the boys. They were inside for so long I was getting worried, wondering if they'd made a mistake and called the wrong child.

I needn't have feared.

I saw Ella first, running towards the van as fast as her legs could carry her, clutching her winning coloring page and smiling widely. Then I saw Mark, carrying the prize. Upon sight of the prize I burst out laughing.

Here they are, waiting for daddy to open it.

(Oh, I KNOW it's a pinata, and we're supposed to give the kids bats or sticks and let them beat it open. We've done that before (Amy, remember?) and it ended up that the daddies had to work to get it open in the end, anyway. And since our children are young enough to not remember what a pinata is, we took advantage of that and just cut it open.)

They had no idea what was inside, but were pleasantly surprised.

Well, except for Isaias. He didn't appreciate the glasses so much.


  1. That is hilarious!! Congratulations to Ella.

  2. Perhaps the chickens were waiting for you to apply sunscreen to them!?!?!

    Ella.....GREAT JOB ON YOUR COLORING PAGE!! And how VERY fun that you won a treasure chest!!!! What was your FAVORITE thing in the chest??

  3. Congrats to Ella! Those pictures are great!

    You should do the 7 meme..check my blog.

  4. Congratulations Ella! That is great! I remember winning a coloring contest when I was 8yo! How exciting especially when they really don't understand what they are participating in but win and see what they get! How cool!

    Also, check out my profile. I have made changed.


  5. I know it's probably being a mean parent to laugh at my own child's anguish, and I don't want to take anything away from the fact that I love Isaias dearly, but I still can't help but laugh out loud when I look closer at that last picture of them all with their specs on. (You've got to click on the picture to really get the full effect here).

    - Mark

  6. Oh I just love the look on Ella's face as she lets you photograph her and her treasure prize. Just Elation! *hope I spelled that right ;-)

    Stacy you were right that it is easier at blogger- though I find posting pictures or clipart to be much more complicated than at homeschoolblogger. (do you?)

    How I wish you lived next door-so we could spend face to face time together.

    I was so blessed as I cut and paste my comments from Growing Along Together-I realized how much you encouraged me...almost every post I made -you were there to comment and build me up. Thanks so MUCH for blessing me with your love, friendship, encouragement, time- you are such a TREASURE to me...wish you could see my face when I think about you!



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