Wishing you...

a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. my dearest Stacy ...

    happy mothers day to you. I know that I never really come through to make your mothers day all that happy. I greatly admire not only your contentment despite my lackluster efforts to make your day special, but also your giving of this day to make our moms feel special.

    This is yet another example of that which you do a thousand times a day as a mother: put others ahead of yourself. Stacy, I so admire you. I wish I had celebrated you as a mother more than I did today.

    I hope you know that I really believe that you are the best mom in the world. (How's that for cliche?) Seriously though; you are. I am so thankful that my kids get you all day every day. And I'm even more thankful that I have you, because you are so wonderful to me.

    I love you.



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