On the table...

...for Ella's day to cook:

Grilled Cheese-Tomato Soup

Pizza Snacks

Pretty Posy Cookies

(Not pictured: sliced bananas, pineapple, and strawberries)

Ella invited Grandpa and Grandma to join us for the meal, so that was a highlight. We were scrambling a bit at the end to have it all ready by the time they came, so I only ended up with a couple of photos.

Those cookies were a bit of work...

...but were very pretty and Ella's favorite thing to make

Lesson mommy learned: Only let Ella choose one or two recipes each time, not three!

Lesson Ella learned: When you're the cook, you don't get to drop everything and go outside to play.


  1. Hi Stacy!
    Girl, you SO inspire me! I'm having a hard enough time cooking in London myself, but when we get back, I am SO getting my kiddos a cookbook. What is that cookbook called btw? And tell Ella that the cookies are beautiful and look yummy.


  2. Ella,
    Your cookies look SOOOOOOO yummy!! Are there any left that you could send to Indiana???? =)

    Great job cooking dinner for the family!

  3. Oh, I don't know Stacy...stopping to play is sometimes good for your mental health...especially when trying to follow a recipe I find!


    Looks like you had a wonderful time..your parents must have been blown away by Ella's menu!

    continue the fun!
    Hugs...I miss you!

  4. I want a cookie!! They look delicious :-)

    What a wonderful way for Ella to spend her time ... I am also inspired for the future.


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