The Salad

So, tonight I made The Salad for dinner. You know, the one I was pining after in the middle of the night?

It was quite good. Crispy, fresh, packed with veggies (er, as salads usually are...) and the dressing so good I nearly wanted to drink it. I followed the recipe to the letter (except that I chose not to go with the hot pepper option). And, Rebeca, you'll be happy to hear that I used REAL ginger. First time ever purchasing that. And you were right. It does make a difference. And Amy, I'll be tossing the rest of that chunk of ginger in the freezer. Thanks for the tip!

The only change I will make to the recipe for the next time around is with the pasta. About two minutes into my salad I decided that linguine, in my opinion, is not the best choice for this salad (although the recipe does in fact call for it).

Now, this may be a personal preference thing but I'm going to tell you my rationale: When you're eating a salad, you poke it. You stab at those veggies with your fork. But then throw some linguine into the mix and then you have to do the twirling fork motion. Either I was eating linguine (by twirling it), or I was eating the veggies (by poking them), but never both in one bite. And really, what's the point if you can't get all that goodness into one mouthful? So. Next time around, I'll be using spiral noodles.

Oh. One other thing. Mark loved the salad (and agreed with me on the noodle choice, by the way) but is different than me in that salad is not really a complete meal in his book. The man needs some meat. So next time I may add some grilled chicken or steak.

The recipe on the whole, though? Definitely a keeper. And it made a TON. (Which is always a perk, I think.)

And that's all I have to say about that. Which is way more than necessary, I realize.


  1. I'm eating it for the fourth day in a row, and it's still good although the veggies are a bit on the drowned, er, soggy, side. Next time maybe I'll not put the dressing on the whole thing. I threw in some baked tofu for extra protein; chicken would be good too. I agree about the noodles. I even broke the linguine in thirds first, but it still was rather, um, slurpy, with the dressing. I'm so glad you used the fresh ginger! The dressing really was super yummy.
    Thanks again for sharing the recipe!

  2. Rebeca,

    Oh, yes-- I should have mentioned that, too. We didn't dress it all at once, that way the leftovers wouldn't get soggy. :)

    :) I'm so glad you tried it and liked it.


  3. Hi Stacy :) Yum and double yum! This sounds wonderful. How did the sweeties like it? Mine are great veggie eaters, even asking for salad - but I had to ask :)

    Also, I enjoyed my trek to Ree's site! Whew! I made the mistake of reading the apple dumpling recipe just following the salad one - yikes! May just have to make those for Easter lunch and blow my family away with them ;)

    Love to you! Q

  4. This looks really, really yummy.

  5. Stacy, my mom and I were both drooling as we read the recipe for this salad and looked at the photos on the site. Definitely making this salad this week! Thanks so much for the recommendation!
    Camee :)

  6. MmmmmMmmmm! I made it tonight for dinner. So yummy! And it was so pretty that I really wanted to take a picture.
    I doubled the dressing recipe and used half as a marinade for steak. I topped it off with slices of steak and sesame seeds. Tim LOVED it and he is not a veggie eater. He even liked the linguine, he said it made it seem more authentically Asian. The only thing I may change next time is a little less cilantro, it seemed a bit to overpowering to me. But hey, Tim has been thanking me for dinner all night, so I can't complain. Thanks!

  7. Yup - I am going to LOVE this one - no question!!!

    My suggestion after reading the recipe is to substitute farfalle (bowties) as the noodle of choice. I think kids love 'em and they'd look beautiful!


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