As of this morning, we're pretty sure Adelia has chickenpox. The chickenpox? I'm not even sure how to refer to it/them.

What began as two blister-looking things yesterday morning (one on her forehead, one behind her ear) has become um, several by this afternoon. Each time I look at her she seems to have three more spots on her cute little self.

When I made the call to the doctor's office this morning I thought she may have had an allergic reaction to something. But when I spoke with the nurse, she immediately said they sounded like chickenpox.

I was shocked. [Really, because how is that possible that she would get them but not my other three children?] Then the nurse explained that they don't see children for chickenpox (news to me), so while I was relieved that we didn't have to fit in a doctor's visit to our day, I was still unconvinced that she had them.

But we're getting more certain as she gets more spots.

What I'm thankful for:

*That it's October and not... December! [Especially if the other three do end up getting them! I'll be glad to get them done with before December hits.]
*Thankfully, Mark has had them (twice), and I've also had them.
*Adelia is so young that she can't itch them.
*So far she's been happy, not fussy.

Here's a picture from earlier today, when she was trying out her bear crawl.

[And speaking of crawling, twice today she has officially crawled forward on her hands and knees.]


  1. So - can we make an exposure play date? Seriously.

  2. I want to expose my kids too! If only you were a wee bit closer! I hope it passes quickly and without too much difficulty.

  3. Cutzi-
    It's so funny. Either people are like, "Yikes. We're staying away." or, like you: "So when can I bring my kids over? Really. We want in on this!"

    So come on over! Give me a call or just drop on by!


  4. Um, yes. Speaking as someone who had chicken pox as an adult while living in a town in Guatemala that had run out of water, I would get those exposure playdates scheduled right away. I hear a nice oatmeal bath can feel very soothing for all the blisters.


  5. Aack! Helen, I don't remember hearing that you HAD CHICKENPOX in GUATEMALA! I am so sorry!!!


  6. I might need to come over too! (We did not give Ava the shot).
    But Mike has not had them yet. We heard that it means he is immune... but Helen kinda disproves that. What to do...

  7. All four of ours had chickenpox last summer. I was SO thankful that they passed it to each other pretty quickly and that we weren't left waiting for weeks with uncertainty as to whether or not we were contagious. Hopefully that will be your experience as well. Ours got a pretty good case but none were terribly miserable. I am thankful to have it over and done with! Although, now I'll have to find somewhere for our not-yet-born baby to be exposed one day... they're getting hard to find!
    Praying for a rapid run through your sweet little ones!

  8. Oh, that sweet, sweet picture! I just want to scoop her up! :)

    Have I ever told you how much I love your blog and the peek into your world? I do. Really.


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