I've added a new little section in my sidebar. I'm actually not really sure how it all works, just that I have noticed that a few people were "following" my blog (which I think, in plain language, just means that they read it!), and so I added them to my blog page.

If you want to officially "follow" my blog, feel free to click on the little "Follow this blog" link in the sidebar and your name/profile photo will appear. Note: by doing so, your photo can be clicked on and will link straight to your profile page.

I think this would eventually replace a Blogroll type of list. And I do like the idea of seeing all your faces right there on my sidebar! :)


  1. Stacy, your blog already happens to be one of the blogs I follow:). I enjoy your blog so much and am encouraged by your love for your husband and children! Thank you for taking the time to share bits and pieces with us!
    By the way, did I miss the outcome of the sick chicken?

  2. Thank you! :)

    The outcome of Missy is... well, still unresolved. Her wounds have healed but she is weak and hobbling around. There is no way we can put her back with the other hens at this point, so we are keeping her apart, and hoping she'll make a full recovery. If she doesn't, I'm not sure what we'll do. :)

    Thanks for asking!


  3. Hi Stacy,

    I do love to follow, and thank you so much for the encouragement and guidance I have found here and in your comments to me. But, alas, I have had to delete my blog :(, it feels ok, a little sad, but great to feel peace about it too, in honouring my husband :))


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