Vegetable stock

When Autumn hits, we have soup and bread a few times a week at our house. I love a good soup. While there are times I resort to store-bought chicken or vegetable stock, I much prefer to have some homemade stock on hand.

I use the recipe for Golden Vegetable Stock from the Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread cookbook.

There are a few things I love about this recipe:
*I love homemade stock but I don't particularly love messing with whole chickens to get chicken stock. Vegetable stock works just as well for me.
*This recipe requires no peeling and very little chopping. If you have all the ingredients on hand, it really only takes about five minutes to dump everything in and get this stock cooking.
*It makes my whole house smell good!
*It tastes delicious.

Here's the recipe if you want to give it a try:
Golden Vegetable Stock~ A Primary Stock

1 large onion, unpeeled, quartered
1 large carrot, scrubbed and quartered
1 large sweet potato, scrubbed and quartered
1 large white potato, scrubbed and quartered
1 whole head of garlic, papery skin left on, halved
3 ribs celery, with leaves, each broken in half
6 cups spring* water
1 to 2 teaspoons salt
small pinches of dried oregano, basil, sage, and rosemary to taste (optional)
1/2 cup Good Tasting or Red Star nutritional yeast (NOT baking yeast or brewer's yeast)
1 tablespoon light (white or golden) miso

*I use regular water.

1. In a soup pot, combine all the ingredients except the nutritional yeast and the miso. Bring to a boil, then turn down the heat to medium-low and let simmer gently until all the vegetables are quite soft, about 1 hour. Let cool, then strain, discarding the solids.

2. Whisk the nutritional yeast and miso into the lukewarm stock. Taste for seasoning; you may need a touch more miso. Use in any recipe where chicken broth is called for. Use immediately, or cool to room temperature, then refrigerate or freeze.

Makes about 5 cups. [But why make only 5 cups when you could double it and make 10 cups? That's what I generally do.]


  1. Oh, that sounds delicious!!!! I will have to give that a go! Thanks so much for sharing...

  2. Hi Stacy :) Thanks so much for posting this! I've been looking for a good vegetable stock recipe. And this one looks delicious and quick - hooray!

    I know what you mean about the chicken stock thing - dealing with that whole chicken is gross! LOL! But the final product is scrumptious. We usually plan for making chicken stock like we plan for other major projects. I use Kim's (from LFL) recipe with a few tweaks here and there.

    Hope that you are feeling well and having a lovely afternoon! Love, Q

  3. As a vegetarian, I say yum! I do make chicken stock for the 'meatheads' of the house, but honestly it is a rather yucky process. It does save to use all your veggie scraps and chicken bones (I keep a bag of all my pieces in the freezer and when it gets full (of either)...time to embark on another batch of either or both.

    Love doth your belly groweth?

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  4. There is nothing like homemade stock - the best! :)


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