Maybe I spoke too soon

About the dishwasher detergent, I mean.

Because at some point over the weekend I pulled out a dish that had once been cleaned with regular detergent and compared it to the "new" clean, and um, there was quite a difference. Not in cleanliness as much as the feel and shine of the dish.

I showed them to Mark and he agreed.

And it seems that the chalky feel I referred to in my last post isn't going away, but is in fact, building up over time. Ugh.

So~ back to the store for some regular dishwasher detergent.

But maybe I'll try Tonia's method. [See comments on the original post].


  1. Ok - so that chalky feeling you talked about? I hate it! Sometimes I have to use a towel to put the dishes away if it's too bad - it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. So... if you find a dishwashing soap that doesn't leave that feeling - please pass along the info.

  2. yeah, i have found that some things are worth buying and i haven't found a good way to do this. if you do, let us know.

  3. Yep, same thing here. I made some dishwashing detergent over the summer and I was so excited about it that I chose to ignore the less-than-stellar results (that chalky feel, spots and "clouds" on the glasses...). I finally had to admit that it just wasn't working and went back to the regular old stuff. I'd love to find a more frugal, natural one that actually works well!

  4. Now I have a good excuse for not taking the time (or making the effort) for this particular homemade item!! :)

    If you find a detergent that will load and unload the dishes for me...oh, wait...I have two of those already!!


  5. well you're a better homemaker than me...I didn't even give it a try. I watch ya'll doing it and feel lazy and do nothing. :(

  6. Stacy,
    Have you found anything that removes the cloudy business on your glasses? We've returned to regular dishwasher detergent and I'm determined to use a very small amount to make it last long... But the glasses are still chalky from their month-long bath in the experimental dishwasher detergent.
    I think my husband read some where that a whole bunch of vinegar in the dishwasher would help...
    We'll see!

  7. Okay, my absolute FAVORITE dishwasher detergent is electrosol tabs. You can get them at the grocery store or at Costco. They are little tabs with a jet-dry ball built in,and are comparable in price to everything else. They make my dishes sparkle. We have open cabinents in our kitchen, so having them shiny is a pretty big deal to me. The other big bonus is that there is NO powder or gel or gunk.

  8. Cutzi and Rebecca,
    Okay- so I am so picky about the chalky, starchy feel on glasses (and always have been) that ours NEVER go in the dishwasher. Never have. We wash them all by hand.

    Sorry- I can't help you with it, other than to suggest that you start doing that (which is a lot to ask, I realize!)



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