...with my friend Kimmie, who recently accepted a referral for their new daughter from Ethiopia!

...with Mrs. M, who recently welcomed sweet Eli into their family!

...with dear Beverly, who just welcomed daughter #2: a beautiful little girl they named Shana.

Congratulations, sweet friends! And for the rest of you? Stop by and congratulate them, would ya? :)

God is so, so good.


  1. Thanks for rejoicing with us Stac....So grateful for God's goodness!

    And I am gonna try that veggie stock recipe. I tend not to make my own because I don't like handling raw chicken especially whole...bleak!

  2. Congratulations to all these families. How wonderful.

    Stacy, I have given you an award. You can check it out over at my blog.

  3. Stacy, thank you! I continue to be thankful for your friendship! Hugs to you ...

  4. Hi Stacy;

    This is so funny...Saturday I ran out of dishwashing soap (which NEVER has happened before, as we have a large stockpile of such items)...but I decided, as my dishwasher was full of dirty 'needing to be washed' dishes, that I should attempt to make my own.

    I grabbed my baking soda...made a slurry in a bowl (with warm/hot water)...added 1 drop of dishsoap...and gave it a go. The dishes came out perfect...well, except for the granola cereal bowls that a few of my wee ones neglected to rinse.

    thanks for sharing.

    I am addicted to the Cascade Complete however...the turquiose blue color really has me hooked, lol....makes we want to run another load, just to squeeze out the pretty soap. (maybe I should add color to my much for clean dishes!)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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