This morning

Adelia with our pumpkin/gourd harvest.

Off to get my window box and pots all ready for fall! :)

Oh. And I must mention that I had my first eggnog latte of the season this morning. Mmm!


  1. she is so adorably precious!!

  2. ahhh! that is the sweetest picture, she is so cute!

  3. I am so jealous about the eggnogg latte!

  4. Hey! Good job. You got a better yield than we did. I am getting some awfully nice sized pumpkins though. Love the gourdes.

    And especially love Adelia's cheeks!

  5. Do tell where you found your egg nog latte!!! I can't wait! Yummy though not quite as yummy as your sweet little Adelia!

  6. OH Stacy!! I just love this picture!!!

  7. Oh my goodness. Tell me you spend all day long kissing those lips.

  8. She is so cute. Look at that little foot! The gourds are very nice also.

    Did you know that we are practically neighbors now?


  9. Thanks, girls. I know it. I ask Mark several times a day: "I mean, really, honey: Isn't Adelia just the cutest thing you've EVER seen?" AND she is way cuter in person, too. I wish you could all meet her.

    (Yes, Jodi- I spend all day kissing her sweet face.)

    heartathome- There's only one coffee shop in town that has eggnog so far- (for you locals, it's Cool Beans).

    Helen- No I did NOT know that! I love it, though! :)


  10. Seriously, so adorable!

    I will never get it out of my mind watching her hug you over and over this week. And how after each hug she would look at you as if to say, "I'm sweet aren't I momma!"

  11. Oh Stacy, she is just so heart-meltingly adorable!


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