Okay, so I was a little attached. For a little too long.

To my White Goose Down pillow, that is. [That's it there, on the bottom.] I'm sure it was a little puffier when I bought it, years ago, and I know I paid a pretty penny for it.

But it's sort of lost it's oomph. I think it's down to about 14 goose feathers.

So I splurged and bought a new pillow tonight. A down alternative pillow.

I laughed when I saw them side by side. Although this new one is so poofy I'm afraid I might wake up with a kink in my neck.

But it was definitely time, dontcha' think?


  1. Okay, when I read what that thing in the bottom of the picture was I actually yelled, "EWWWW!!!" LOL!!! You're hilarious. I'd actually like to take this opportunity to thank you for buying yourself a new pillow.

    (It's okay...you'd say the same thing if you saw my mattress. If I lay just right I can actually feel the springs poking me.) :)

  2. Shhh...don't tell anyone but I used the same down pillow from childhood to adult hood. I finally let go of it in my mid-twenties.

    I like fresh new pillows, they are so pretty....now lets just hope you don't drool on it....did I just type that outloud?

  3. Hee hee. To the comments too. ;-)

  4. I'm SO with you on the pillow things. The new ones are so poofy that it's frightening!!! Hey, I noticed you hit the 'halfway mark' with the little one within!!!!! How exciting:)

  5. I just bought new pillows this week too! My husband's, especially was looking pretty nasty and was about 1/4 thick. Although I have to say that your old pillow wins the ugly prize. :) Definitely time to let that one go--good decision!

  6. Your old one looks perfect!! it is my kind of pillow! Hope you like your new one. I actually paid more to have my old one cleaned than it would have cost me to get a new one (that's sad) Carolynn

  7. HA! I think that bottom pillow belongs to my husband! (One of about 4 that he sleeps with, or under, or on, or whatever he does with all of them!)

  8. Hee hee!! Have to laugh as I am STILL using the pillow I had from preteen years. When I moved from Canada to US I left everything behind but my clothes and my pillow!! :) I still have it now..dont know what I would ever do without as they dont even make this kind anymore!!!

  9. That was so funny, I'm almost crying. I showed my husband and he thought it was something I would do. When I saw the picture at first I thought it was a dirty pillowcase next to a pillow, like you hadn't changed the case in a looooonnnng time. That it was actually the pillow is much funnier! How did you even use that? Did you roll it up to put under your head, or was it proping up an eyelash?!

  10. I know. It's totally pathetic and embarrassing.

    But I'm glad some of you admitted that you had [have] the same problem. Makes me feel much better.

    It is pretty funny; that picture. :) I took three pictures and that's actually the one that makes it look the "fullest" (for lack of a better word). And yes, several times a night I just bunched it up and stuffed it under my head.


  11. Oh my word Stacy! I'm so glad you bought a new pillow...your neck will be thanking you. But...I do know that a pillow is like an old friend...it's comforting and hard to change!

  12. Our down pillows are twins separated at birth. Though I'm not ready to give mine up yet...


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