The new year in a nutshell

So, my weight loss program for the new year has been really successful. I have lost 6 lbs and I haven't even had to count calories. Or exercise. Or anything of the sort. How, you ask? I've had the stomach flu. I know.... Ew.

Thankfully, I'm feeling better every day and no one else in the house has come down with it. Whew. There is much I've been thankful for this past week, actually-- depsite this flu bug. Like the get well cards (yes, plural) I get from my daughter every day, many times a day. Like this one:
For those of you who don't know, I HWP WU FY BDR MOMMY can be read: I hope you feel better mommy. And for anyone who's wondering, Ella is there on the left, Isaac is next to her, and the one in pink? That would be me, lying in bed, holding onto a saltine cracker, with the bag of saltines beside me. But then she remembered that she'd wanted that arm to be reaching for my glass, so first arm was crossed out and new arm (light blue, reaching way, way up) is now extending to reach my glass of water. My arms aren't quite that long.

And aside from the sweet cards, my husband brought our children in a couple times a day to gather on the bed, lay their hands on me, and pray. Each time Isaac earnestly prayed, "Please make mommy all better." And then he'd promptly open his eyes and exclaim, "Now you're all better, because I prayed!"

One afternoon Mark took the kids for a walk to the library. They came back with with books AND a bouquet of flowers. Mark let each of them choose a flower for mommy. And Ella wrote the card to go along with the flowers: MOMMY I LVE YOU .

And Mark brought me saltines, water, 7-UP, and Pepto Bismal at regular intervals (I actually like the taste of Pepto Bismal, believe it or not). And this wonderful man of mine took care of the kids, cleaned the house, did laundry, and everything else for days on end.

And my mom brought dinner two nights in a row. And then my sweet friend Diana the next night, and then Stephanie the following night.

So, really. Much to be thankful for. Oh. AND Amy had her baby. Announcement to follow. (I just want to ask her if it's okay, first. I'd hate to post it here and find out they hadn't yet gotten around to telling just everyone yet.)

Blessings to you all for a happy (and healthy!) new year!

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  1. Jan. 6, 2007 - Precious
    Posted by hmschlmomto2
    Your card, wording and praying is precious. You are a blessed Mommy. :-D



    Jan. 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Rebeca
    I hope you feel better very soon, and am glad you can count so many blessings even when feeling icky! And very happy for Amy and family!


    Jan. 6, 2007 - What a yucky
    Posted by Dana
    way to start the new year. Your so blessed to have a good man.
    Can't wait to hear about Amy!


    Jan. 6, 2007 - Oh, can I relate!
    Posted by PreschoolersandPeace
    Sorry to hear you've been feeling so crumby.

    And- you stinker! "Oh, and Amy had her baby. But I am not going to tell you anything about him/her."


    Jan. 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Michelle
    So VERY glad that you are feeling better!!!! Hope everyone else stays healthy (Mark IS better now...right????)


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