Climbing into the van yesterday, with the kids:

Isaac, (3) as I'm buckling him into his seatbelt, and clutching a few Cheerios:
"Mommy, can I eat these?"

Me: "Oh. Where'd you get those?"

Isaac: "I found them."

Me: "Where'd you find them?"

Isaac: "I found them in the box of Cheerios on the table."

Aha! At least he's honest.


On another note, our caseworkers will be here in a couple of hours to do our individual home study interviews, Mark first, me second (covering our family backgrounds, etc).

We have a very full next couple of days, and are finishing the week with yet another home study visit on Friday, *and* the weather is beautiful, so I won't be posting again this week!

Have a wonderful rest-of-your-week and weekend!


  1. So good to know - will be praying for you. Thanks for your prayers - life feels a little lighter now. God's timing.
    Enjoy the weather!

  2. I will be praying for you, sure it will be a breeze.

    Our homestudy got cancelled and rescheduled for Friday.

    Our social worker (who helped us with our first adoption when we used a private attorney (not an agency) called and cancelled, saying it involved a personal issue with his wife.

    As I told the info to the kids (who knew he was coming and that his coming would help us get our baby home)

    ...well King Meemer (4) said, "Maybe she is dead."

    Hmm, I am sure this is not the we are rescheduled for Friday late afternoon.

    Kids say the strangest things sometimes.

    thanks for your prayers and enjoy the nice weather my friend!

    hugs and kisses

    (mama to 6
    One homemade and 5 adopted ;-)

  3. Looking forward it how it week. I am so excited for you!

  4. I read this earlier today and offered up a quick prayer for you - I hope it all went well! I'm sure it did, actually - I wish you could adopt me, does that count? :)

    Love the "found" story - so cute!


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