Favorite things drawing result

This was so much fun!  I think we should make this an annual thing, don't you?  I can choose a couple of new favorite things each year, and always the chocolate.  

Anyway.   Now to this year's drawing.  I can't wait to tell you who gets the gift!

41 names...  

And the name we drew?


Yay, Koe!  I'm so happy it's you!  

For the rest of you... a little about Koe:  Koe had four children (all boys?)  Their ages?  2, 4, and two 5 year-olds.  Of those four children, Koe and her husband were in the process of adopting three of them through the foster care system.  

And *then* they found out these three children had four other siblings, also in need of adoption.  And so Koe and her husband are now in the process of adopting four more children, for a grand total of eight children!!!  

Last I heard they were trying to close on a new [bigger] home to house their expanding family! Isn't that wonderful?

Koe, would you be willing to leave a comment and share an update with everyone? (Or correct me if I got the details wrong!)  I know these readers would love to hear your story!  

And in the meantime, I will find some Lindt chocolate for you (but no hazelnut!)  Please email me your address and I'll arrange to send it.  (But I know you're close and I'd love to meet you, so if you'd rather, I can deliver it in person!)

Have a wonderful weekend, all.  And thanks for participating!


  1. Well, now I am free to go buy the Seeds CD for myself I suppose. :) I think I'm going to buy a couple for my nieces and nephews too!

    Congratulations Koe!

  2. Yeah Koe! Super fun!

    That was fun of you Stacy! Did Ella think it was fun? Did she get it?

    I am so glad you blog. I was thinking this today as I was using my homade laundry soap (which I love). We have so much to say when we get together, so little brain and very little time without chaos, so it nice to hear these things too. For instance, I can not believe I never asked you about Christmas tree hunting!
    Love you!

  3. congrats koe!

    thanks for including me in the drawing ;0)


  4. Congratulations, Koe :) Looking forward to hearing a little more of your story!

    A lovely idea, this drawing, Stacy! What a great way to celebrate. Love, Q

  5. Congratulations to Koe!!

    This was *such* a great idea, Stacy. I think I may just have a giveaway drawing at my place soon... so stay tuned :-)

  6. I guess my comment didn't show up from yesterday...

    But I am very excited to win! How fun! I can't wait to play the CD for my kids.
    We moved to our bigger house at the first of the month and worked like crazy (before and after) to get it ready for the foster inspection. We moved 7 tons of junk off the property and did much painting and cleaning. Many friends helped and contributed needed items.
    And the reward is that today the two older boys joined us! The girls come next week. So we will have 6 boys and 2 girls. Had a great day today with our new boys in the new snow... what a fun way to begin. We have been blessed.

    Thanks so much Stacy!

  7. I like those trees.
    And I wish you had a photo of your ironing board with the new embellishments.
    Best of luck on the awards. Better get a sequined gown and limo lined up!


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