Odds and ends

1.  All of a sudden I really want to learn how to embroider.  Simply for the purpose of whipping up something like this.  Or this.  But maybe I should finish the four projects I have on knitting needles first.   Not to mention the bag I have the pattern and material for but haven't begun sewing yet.

2.  Twice, now, (here and here) I've heard about this movie.  Of course it's not playing anywhere near me.  But do follow that link and click on the "Eduardo's Story" part.  And if it's playing anywhere near *you*, go see it, would you?   

3.  This right here is Isaac's favorite thing to do.  Amy-and-family bought him the Africa puzzle for his birthday and he does it everyday, at least twice a day.  We are so getting the rest of these.  My mom bought him another one for Christmas.  I plan on getting all of them, eventually.

4.  Ella has recently begun to knit.  Really, she knits.  She is five years old and she knits.  How cute is that?!?!  She is knitting a light blue scarf for Isaias, and it's about 5 inches long so far.  But she'll just plop down on the couch and knit a row or two.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Or she'll say, "Mommy, will you knit with me?  Let's knit together."  And so we will.  And so I say for the zillionth time: I absolutely love having a daughter.  Add to that the fact that when this girl unloads the dishwasher, she ORGANIZES my drawers.  Seriously.  Those teaspoons and tablespoons are never stacked neatly unless it's Ella's chore.  Love her.

5.  We got our Christmas tree this weekend.  (!!!!!!)  It was a much calmer experience than last year's adventure.  [No tree in the shower.]  The house is all decorated.  I love turning off all the lights except the ones on the Christmas tree and snuggling up on the couch.  Pure delight.  [Especially if there's a bowl of something snacky on my lap,too.]  

6.  We recently joined Netflix.  If that's even what you do, "join".  [I'm not sure of the proper term.  Join?  Like join a gym?  Um...?]  We're trying it out right now, with the cheapest $4.99/month plan, but with our first month free. Here's what sold me on the idea: Doing this would mean that I'd never have to set foot in a video store again.  And that makes me very happy. I have come to DREAD the video store.  Really.  All those icky movie boxes creep me out.

7.  Isaac says things like, "Let's snuggle with beach other."  Instead of each other.  Beach other.  I will never ever correct this.  And because I haven't, Ella has begun saying it, too.  And that's perfectly fine with me.  

8.  I don't know if I've divulged this fact here on the blog yet, but now I will: I am the world's biggest klutz.  I could tell some pretty funny stories about the ways I impressed Mark before we began dating.  And every single one of them would involve me tripping.  Not just stumbling and tripping, mind you.  As in, falling-down-flat-on-my-face tripping.  [Mark would like to add, as he reads over my shoulder: "Or falling over backwards.  Across the coffee table."]  Yes, thankyouverymuch, honey.  [Amy, are you laughing right now?  I know you have those images firmly implanted in your mind.]  I still do this.  Daily.  Not always the tripping, but if it's not tripping it's dropping, falling, or crashing into something.
9.  I am SO making these this week with the kids.  (Aren't they cute?)

One more thing:  If you haven't entered the drawing yet, leave a comment here.  I'll be writing down each of your names and will have one of the kids draw one of them on Friday morning.  

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. OK, I'm so jealous that you knit and have you heard Michelle learned how and I have been wanting someone to teach me for like years now, I'm sure it's been years. I heard about that movie too, and I want to see it. Definitely getting one or all of those puzzles...thanks! Dean and I were just talking about getting netflix, let me know how you like it, for the same reason you talked about. Mollie(almost 6, like Ella!)still says "bery" for very, and I do not correct her, even when her big sisters think I should AND I am very, very, clumsy, I totally can relate to everything in that little paragraph, just ask Dean. I love your odds and ends posts!!

  2. Oh HA! #9 had me laughing OUT.LOUD. Seriously though, I hope you never get hurt!

    It was SO GREAT talking to you the other day. Let's do it again sometime about something more cheery. Perhaps while we knit by the Christmas tree lights in our respective family rooms.


  3. Fun post!

    1. My mother-in-law just taught me to embroider last year. It's completely easy- you'll have it down in no time.

    6. I just took Jack in the video store last weekend, after which I promptly decided that my children will never enter that store again unless they are blindfolded.

    7. Jack says, "Don't for-be-get" instead of forget. And I will never correct him either.

    Have a great day Stacy!

  4. BTW, is Shelley still doing well? I'm still thinking of her and praying.

  5. I LOVE those embroidery ideas! :) I've gotta remember them! :)

  6. I SO love random facts. Love it Love it Love it.

    Will you get a picture of your daughter knitting? It sounds too cute for words

  7. Stacy, I really do hope you get a chance to embroider. I find it very relaxing. And really you can embroider on anything. Try a book fron the library. I taught myself.
    Have a blessed day, Love Tami

  8. Very, Very funny!!! Stacy, your family is so very blessed to have you.. I am learning how to knit too! I am in the *frustrated-I-just-want-to-give-up-stage* though. Hopefully it will pass.

  9. Carrie (Michelle's Carrie, that is),
    Oh I wish I would have known that when I was there a couple of months ago! I would love to teach you!!!
    And I love it that Mollie says "bery".
    And I'm so glad you're clumsy, too! Somehow that makes me feel so much better. [Isn't that just awful?]

    Oh I do get hurt. Not seriously, though. Not since I broke my toe, that is. That was this past summer. Usually just bruises, though. Many bruises.

    It was wonderful talking to you, too! :)

    (((Hugs))) right back atcha!


    1. Oh I am so going to have to learn this skill. I need a book recommendation so I can check at our library. Anyone?

    6. Blindfolded, yes. That would be another option. But not real practical.

    7. Cute Jack-phrase! LOVE it!

    Oh, and *thank you* for asking about Shelley. She is doing okay. Great spirits. They say all the cancer is gone, so that is a HUGE praise. But she did get a post-surgery infection so she's been SUPER sore and not healing as quickly as she'd like. Antibiotics should help that though!

    Thank you for your prayers, sweet you. :)

    I KNOW. Aren't they SO CUTE?!?!
    BTW, thanks for the link to the pattern on your site. Found it. Will do. :)

    Oooh. Good idea. The picture. I'll do that.

    I want to! If you have any great book recommendations (the how-to variety), I'd LOVE them!

    Keep it up, Carrie. You can do it. The end result is so satisfying!

    Love you girls!

  10. I love my kids little misprononciations. I am sad to think they will say it right some day!! :)

    And, I was so doubtful about Netflix, and only agreed to it because hubby wanted to, but I have to say *I love it.* You can get so many movies and also I seriously disliked the video stores like you. No more video stores!!

  11. I left a long comment yesterday, but somehow it got lost in cyberspace. That's the second time that's happened on your blog. Urg!
    I'm so happy to have a girl too, and teach her "girly" things! Right now she's pretty pleased about "sewing" her lacing cards. Peregrine had some and he always just tied knots in the string and tied things up. :>
    I really want to see that movie too. Last I looked it wasn't playing anywhere near us either.
    Those puzzles look very neato. I shall have to check them out. When you order from Timberdoodle, does it get there in three hours? Just wondering, because you're so close and our usually comes the next day!
    I can't wait to get our Christmas tree, after we get home, get unpacked, and get settled. Realistically, I should probably count on a week. We recently joined Netflix too, for the same reason. I feel defiled every time I go to the video store, and really don't want to take my kids, or send my husband there!
    And there are my bits and pieces. We fly home tomorrow. It will be nice, in some ways, to get home, although we've had a great time.
    Blessings to you! And Feliz Navidad!

  12. We've had Netflix for a while, and LOVE the convenience and selection. One caveat, however, some movies ONLY come in "director's cut" or "unrated" version. On two occasions I've received movies that I wasn't able to finish - the versions they sent were that offensive, when I don't think the regular theater version would have been. Love the Christmas Tree story from last year. :)

  13. Hi Stcy,
    looks like you are having a great week. I too love those funny little phrases that kids come up with. So cute!
    Oh we subscribed to netflix also, and so far..so good.They offer quite a few educational type things.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  14. Is it bad that I just keep thinking of other "klutzy" times as well as laughing about that one?
    I love you my often bruised friend!


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