Freshly baked

Years ago a store in town carried a candle with a scent called Freshly Baked.

I loved it.

Mark thought it was ridiculous. "Freshly baked? Freshly baked WHAT? You can't just call a candle 'Freshly baked'. I mean, is it a freshly baked pie, freshly baked bread, or.. what, exactly?"

It mattered not to me. I bought the candle and let him poke fun each time I lit it.

Freshly baked anything smells delightful to me.

This evening our house smells like bread. Two loaves, freshly baked.

I love baking bread. I keep telling Mark, "I may start baking all our bread." [He thinks that's a great idea!]

This week I'm practicing. Ella and I are going to bake two loaves again tomorrow, using another recipe. (The one you recommended, Annie!) I haven't decided yet if baking our own bread is a good idea. My *only* hesitation is that having freshly baked bread in the house means I'll eat it. Lots of it. I like homemade bread even more than I like ice cream. And that's saying a lot.


  1. Recipe.
    Need the recipe.
    (The easiest recipe!)

    Thanks for your email, friend...I'll write you back later. :)

  2. Love it --- and I agree --- freshly baked ANYTHING is a good thing!!

  3. Fresh bread disappears very quickly around here too.....Love it sooooo much! Blessings, Tami

  4. Mmmm, I think today would be a good day to bake bread as well. I recently discovered a whole wheat recipe that is so light and delicious and stays fresh for days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh. man. I am SO jealous. I bake. I bake pies, cakes, cookies, cheesecake, muffins, you name it... but I CANNOT BAKE BREAD. I have tried over and over and over again. It is the bane of my existence. Yours is beautiful.

  6. Mmmmm... I love freshly baked bread. I think it just might be my favorite thing to eat in the whole wide world. I bake lots of bread around here... in fact, right now I have potato bread dough rising in my kitchen.
    Your loaves are lovely!

  7. Mmmm... I can smell it already.

  8. I love only one thing more than my freshly baked bread. YOUR freshly baked bread.
    If only it didn't have so many carbs...!

  9. Can't wait to hear how it goes.... my hubby would love that, too. But I am not a huge fan of feeding my family too much white bread. Do you have a wheat recipe that you like? Mine comes out like a rock rather than fluffy & soft.


  10. I'm with you! Homemade bread and real butter or homemade ranch dressing- yum!

  11. I can just hear Mark commenting on the "freshly baked what??"

    I could have definitely used some homemade bread to go with my homemade apple butter tonight!!!!

  12. I've been doing that! I started in January of this year with a commitment for one year of baking all of our bread, rolls, pizza dough, bagels, hamburger and hotdog buns, EVERYTHING! Sometimes it's been a pain, but mostly fun and we've found some good recipes. We're slacking a little the last few weeks, and actually bought a couple of loaves (shame!) As far as the freshly baked bread and not being able to keep out of it... that wears off. Truly. Let me know if you decide to do it... your post may have given me the inspiration to stick it out just a few more months and complete the year as planned. :)


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