Pictures at the park

Every year during the month of October, we head to our favorite park. We make big piles of leaves and play! This year we even smartened up and brought a rake. And we sort of go hog-wild with the camera. Here's a peek.

Last year we got such a good shot of the kids together and individually that we got prints and gave them out to family members. This year?... Not so sure about that plan. *grin* But we had a blast and got lots of fun pictures anyway.


  1. What an awesome day! It is beautiful where you live - love the view of the water.

  2. Looks like you all had loads of fun!! Isn't playing in piles of leaves the best??

  3. Ah, I loved this. Looks like such a fun time together, making beautiful memories. What a sweet family you have!

  4. SO, so sweet, Stacy. I love the one of you and Mark at the end. Perfect.

  5. Adorable photos, Stacy! Your family is beautiful. :)

  6. Hi Stacy :) What a beautiful, precious family! Such joy and love in your feels like a big hug to see you all enjoying one another and the day. Love, Q

  7. oh my! Those are GREAT action shots. What a fun family you have!!! Makes me want to go outside and jump in leaves :)

  8. What beautiful and precious memeories ya'll made. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  9. So cute. Your joy was so evident even in still photos.

  10. These are fantastic! Great job and being so photogenic! I want copies of so many of these.
    My favorites are when you are laughing so much your eyes are closed!
    love you

  11. Too, too cute! My favorites are the one of Isaac's little face sticking out of the leaves and the one of you and Mark at the end. And, this is so funny because I always think it's a little weird when people say this to me - but I think Isaias looks SO MUCH like Ella and Isaac!! Isn't it crazy?! Little cutie pies.

  12. Very Cute!
    What good looking family :)
    Looks like you had lots of fun.

  13. Darn! I wish I could figure out why I can't ever see this quicktime on anyone's blog.
    We even updated the newest version...maddening!

    Wonder if it is my pop up blocker or scam blocker causing the problem- any ideas?

    glad you had fun...your family is wonderful.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. That was adorable!
    And super fun.

  15. That is *sweet* ..stuff of what makes a family...Bless You, Stacy and family.

  16. You are so techno-savvy, Stacy, with your You-tube video! Impressive. My favorites were the one of Isaac where just his face is showing with leaves surrounding him, the one of Isaias kissing you on the cheek, the profile of Ella (beautiful!) and the one of Mark buried under the leaves and smiling a ton. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Adorable! And that song is so cute...who is it by? That was our memory verse for "B" week, you know. :)

  18. Grinning from ear to ear!
    You all just make me smile!
    Beautiful, Stacy....

    I send love...


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